5 People In A Room WhatsApp Riddle || Solution Explained

solving riddles is one of the best way to exercise your brain. In this article i am sharing a riddle which went viral in social media platforms.

riddle states that “There are 5 people in a room. I came & killed 4. How many remain?”

Solution :

This riddle can have multiple interpretation, i am going to explain the most widely accepted solution for this riddle.

widely accepted answer to this riddle is, 1 person remains.

It says in the question: “There are 5 people in a room. I came & killed 4…”

In the riddle I CAME means you were at some place and went over to this place. This means that there was originally 5 people in a room. You came into the room and murdered 4 of them. Then the questions says:

“…How many remain?”

‘How many’ refers to how many of those people in that room originally are left. So in other words, it’s like asking:

“How many of those people (that are alive) remain?” You don’t count because you weren’t there originally.

So that means the answer to this riddle is 1 person.

‘How many remain, could also mean how many people are present in the room, regardless if they are dead.”

The question asks you, “How many remain?”. It’s quite obvious that it’s how many people that are alive remain in the room. For example, “There are 8 apples, your friend takes 2, how many remain?” There are 6 apples that remain. So this is the same thing, accordingly there is 1 person remaining.

few people argue that The answer can also be 6. because

As per the riddle, There are 5 people in the room. If you walk in and kill 4 of them out of 5 people then there are a total of 6 people remaining in the room. If you killed 4 people and 1 is alive, so that will be counted as 5 as their bodies are still in the room. So, including you, there are a total of 6 people in the room.



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